PVP & Killzone

PVP & Killzone:

/Killzone  will drop you in a room safe from all the mobs waiting for you to join their party.. to make it more interesting there are button on the left wall that will allow you to add a few Mob Boss to the fun.

Killzone will spawn up to 200 mixed mobs at a time,  although it is housed within layers of bedrock walls sometimes the mobs will glitch out and seek their revenge on every player, and destroying everything in sight including the total annihilation of the players world and the server.

No worries mate, I have learned from the past to give this it’s own world. 

A bit of a warning for you chum
1 – Keep inventory is off
2 – No PVP Is Overridden, your fresh meat mate.

And just to make it more fun, If another player is in there with you they may and can keep your stuff.

To access the party use /killzone or /pvp
You bring the plonk mate and I will bring the barbie.

Toggle PVP:
Don’t like to fight? No problem! Toggle your pvp status anytime.
/pvp on
/pvp off

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