Log Book

Aug 9th 2021
Waiting for the new Minecraft update to be released Caves & Cliffs to be released before starting the new server
so that the entire server will be new and not patched.

MCMGR – Jun 2021
I thought found a new Minecraft Home.

I trusted these folks and they was aware that I was my mom’s caregiver and she needed help and monitoring 24/7 so much of my time was taking care of her needs.
After they did all the damage I tried to rebuild but the damage was to much, and then my mom passed on so I closed the server. All my attention was now needed with her death issues.

After about a year I restarted another server called PlayersMinecraft, I did a lot of work 1.16 to 1.17 and had it up and running, listed on all the search engines but sadly after a year I only had a total of 5 player visited but that was for only for a few hours, the logs say they wear trying to use hacks to do damage, they wear not able so they left.
Other server owners also report a large drop in Minecraft Players – Is Minecraft dying? many think so.

It’s a shame that people will never know all the frustration that goes into running a long term server, they may not be so fast in judging the server or it’s owners.

Although I am no longer running a server I still enjoy playing Minecarft so I keep searching for the server that may like, like most a lot of them are new starts and only last for a short time days some times weeks before they are gone. and most will not post their Full Rules anyplace, but are fast in banning players for doing something they was not aware of without warning or message text, I guess the Kids running the server just want to act as if they have some kind of powers over others.
When I can not find the answers of server rules anyplace or even by asking online players most will not respond or just do not know or care, so it’s time to move on.

I found one that is not even in the USA but runs faster and better then most servers in north America. Has a average online player count of 150 and some days it jumps to 250 and still no lag, It is a long term server and has A Discord account and a real website, Some player world say it’s play to win but i hope this is not true, they say in time you can achieve the status as any player online without to much difficulty. The server owner and the staff are seam friendly when they are online and will answer any questions you may have. they have many things going for it I do wish them the best of luck. Time will tell.
Owner: cloakfox
Game IP: play.foxcraft.net
Website: https://www.mcfoxcraft.com
Started: July 19th 2021

UPDATE : July 23rd 2021

After building A large Walmart and having lots of trouble after 90% completed and 200+ hrs playing.

It turs out that foxcraft server has many issues, I do not know it they have a dislike for players from the USA or not but a lot of strange thing was taking place.

Java World generation: 100000 X 10000, Limited Biomes looks like 1.12 because of the X-box access to the server.
Controlled Spanners – some allowed other not.
limited of what players can and can not sell, strange that Staff seams to have access to everything.

Staff uses invisible creepers to explode next to players, i guess they think it is funny.

GriefPrevention plugin not fully active.
1 – Permissions controls are turned off
2 – You can not use subdivideclaim at all.

The player sign warps are very limited in functions.
1 – you can not change the name on the sign to display the store name.
2 -you are limited to 1 player sign on the server.
3 – you can not change the icon listing for the player warps list.

They do not use Chestshop instead they use a remake of Chestshop that displays a icon on top of the chest, it prevents you from stacking chests.
You can not buy and sell on the same chest so to set up a shop you need twice the number of chest and twice the space.
they have in place controls that prevents players from selling some items
Example: No selling paper – a needed item to trade with villagers.

And yes it is a pay to win server after all.
Must pay for upgrade just to use the fly command , and it only good while in your claim. $22.00 USD.

Their discord voice servers is not used by anyone, and no wonder you never know the age of the person you are talking to until their father jumps on and goes biolistic just because you are on line with them. their server has no age limits. or channel age groups to keep everyone out of trouble.

I got so frustrated to continue playing on that server with all the restriction, And no place on the website or discord is it displayed so that new players wont need to waste their time and hard earned money.

About the staff:
On discord it shows them playing a game not related to Minecraft or their own server. so it their own staff don’t care about their own server then how do they expect players to care.


Instead of trying to find the right server I will just reopen mine, It will give me something to do with out the frustration of playing on so many servers that refuse to post the rules or what is and is not allowed or the constraints placed on the players.
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