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Welcome Message & About our Server

Players Minecraft is a Adult First Minecraft Server. although we welcome all ages this is primarily for the adults. Most Minecraft Servers are owned and operated by the the younger group and when a older person joins they forced to fell uncomfortable playing on those servers and ignored by other players. Here it's the adults that rule the server.

Players Minecraft is all about mining, gathering, building and some combat.

What makes us different then most Minecraft Servers?
Just a Quick Overview:

Truly Not a pay-to-win server :There is no real money shops on our server you will never be asked to pay for anything.
You can remain on the server while AFK without being kicked. and Yes afk fishing is also allowed.
Difficulty : Normal
World border is :100,000 X 100,000 Expandable.
Griefing : Is ALLOWED - If you protect it you will not lose it.
Keep inventory : Active. - You get to keep your stuff if you get killed.
Mob Grinders : IS ALLOWED. all we ask is that you try to keep it from lagging the server.
Spawners : IS ALLOWED. - all we ask is that you try to keep them from lagging the server.
Nether border is : 15k by 15k  use /nether
Phantoms : Are very active .
Player Permissions : /fly /jump and many more. will be rewarded as vouchers that you can save, use or give to others.
PvP : Is enabled at the Mobarena only located at the /lobby
Casino slots : with each /vote you cast for the server will receive some casino chips. - Casino located at /lobby where you can a chance to exchange them for some real cool stuff and permission vouchers.
Player Vaults : Every player starts out with 9 Vaults. /pv 1, /pv 2

Server Updates: If we are forced to do a map restart due to incompatible with new Minecraft Versions we will allow and help all players to move their builds to the new world and they will not lose anything. and give a full year before we remove the old world. we wont just abandon players and say oh well there is nothing we can do about it. :} as many have.

If no staff is online the Players are able to contact the owner directly 24/7 for any server emergency, ingame use /contact to see his cell phone number, you can call or text anytime for any reason why: because he cares about his players and the server.

** Unlike most servers we  are 100% in compliance with Mojang. **

You have the Freedom to do and say what you wish. * with the exception of continued player harassments. *
It's a Economy based server - We use QuickShop with auto floating item above the chest. You can have unlimited chests shops.
No AFK kick timer, you will never be logged off the server except doing the once a day server restart at 4am pst. this allows for server maintenance & updates.
We don't ban players for making simple mistakes but we will jail a player to the lobby if the same mistakes continues.
We don't follow any political correctness and we don't expect any players to refrain from chatting in a freely manor. In other words we will not prevent a player from expressing their self.
We don't bombard the chat area with useless information, like reminders to vote, etc.. this keeps your screen clear for fighting mobs and building.

These Simple Rules will keep you out of trouble:
No hacking / xray
No lag machines
No abusing glitches
No Doxxing
No harassing other players

No spamming chat
No server advertising
No selling items for real money
No attempting or conspiring to break rules
Do not impersonate staff or pretend/allude to be staff in any way or form.
Be respectful of the server, staff, and rules

Spawn Jail offences and time:
1st offence:  Auto Message Warning
2nd offence:  30 min stay at the lobby
3rd offence: 1 full Day at the lobby
4th offence: You just became one of our lobby guest enjoy your 30 day stay.
offence: You will judged by the staff of PlayersMinecraft on letting you continue to have access to this server, You will be notified. and if you are allowed to  return please note that your players data will be reset, you need to start over again. you will have 7 days to file an appeal on the forum once a decision has been made . If you are registered on the forum you will notified to log on and read the results posted on the forum.

If you are doing a walk about you can place a sign on a door or chest and it will protect it from other players.
you can also add another player to have access that chest{ 1st line [private], 2ed line your IGN, 3rd line other IGN name}

Handy while you build your base.

Server Contest:
1 - Mobhunting - each month a new target is chosen, the player with the most kills at the end of the month wins the targets head to display as they see fit, and they win other prizes as well.
2 - Micro Building Contest. runs every 3 month and holiday builds are our favorite. such as Christmas, Halloween.
Halloween Contest Build is open in October from 1st to the 31st. **
Christmas Contest Build is open in December from 1st to the 31st. **
** 1st place prize is Minecraft Account Gift Card, 2ed and 3rd Place Winners Will Receive Server Tokens.
3 - Parkour - Not for the fait hearted.
4 - Ride the Dragon
5 - Find the Chest.
6 - Spleef

Is our main world where players build and explore. it's the only world that they can set a land claim on, to build anything they wish.

Nether world gets replaced every sunday at 4am pst this will insure that lots of resources that will also never run out.
Nothing worse then to join a server with all used up resources.
Also prevents players from setting homes on the nether. it insures fair play to all.

As requested by other players to also include the Endworld in the 4am weekly replacement so the the End Dragon will be there for all players every day.
Players report although they can use end crystal to regenerate the End Dragon it does not have the same AI.
Also restores the resources and city's found on the Endworld.

Resource World :
Is used to get resources from so that the Survival World won't look like the moon and force us to do a full world restart.
** If a player locates a stripped area on the Survival World please inform a staff member and report it's [f3] X,Y,Z location so that we can dispatch a repair crew to the area, you will receive a reward for your service. **
Our resource world also gets replaced every Sunday at 04:00 pst , so you may not want to build a long stay home or base there.
While on the resource world the /fly command is activated, it makes it easier to get to the resources.
You can also use /rtp to random teleport around the resource world.
Your tools will not break on this world & No night time.
To access use /resource

Mobarena :
It's so buntal that it required it's own world to keep in the mobs, we don't want to turn them lose on the Overworld.
Size:200 X 200 : PVP player control is overridden and safety's are off, you can lose everything, so leave the good stuff at home.
Players can keep other players stuff and their heads as a reward.
to access it use /killzone
Bring lost of bandages.

Micro Building Contest:
Runs 5 times a year, and our holiday builds are my favorite. such as Christmas, Halloween.
Halloween Contest Build is open in September 1st through October to the 31st. **
Christmas Contest Build is open in November 1st through December to the 31st. **

The contest is simple, build a micro house meeting the following requirements:
1 - Fit entirely within a 10x10x10 space This includes the walls/ceiling. (Signs, paintings, frames, and torches Can be outside the area as long as they are attached to a block that is inside the 10x10x10)

2 - Have a garden supporting at least one person
3 - Have at least one double chest
4 - Have a bed - Have a balcony of some kind
5 - Have at least one animal.

Contest Schedule :
1 Jan - 31 Mar
1 Apr - 30 Jun
1 Jul - 30 Aug
1 Sep - 31 Oct - Halloween Build
1 Nov - 30 Dec - Christmas Build

Ends at 4PM PST For Voting

To claim a plot Stand in the middle of one of the 10x10 plots and use /claim and start building and good luck.

** All Winners Will Receive Server Tokens.

1st place - 25 Tokens and 10 extra Player Vaults and 5 lifetime Disguise Token
2ed and 3rd place - 15 Tokens and 1 lifetime Disguise Token
Access to the MicroBuild is at the /lobby

Players Asteroid:
Some lucky players won their own asteroid playing in our Casino and are welcome to do as they like with it.
** All grinders on players asteroid are not required to have a public /pwarp to it. **
All players can purchase their very own asteroid for the small amount of 1 million.

Player Worlds for Warriors:
Players who are in service to our nation has a private world for their family members to connect and play together.
Its not shown on maps or shown in any players online list, it's secure just for them so that nobody will bother them.

More Info:
The server has a render distance of 8, players are able to be seen from far away, and hostile mob spawning is set to be per player. (This helps mob farms operate efficiently.)
The server runs on good hardware and it is always our goal to provide a smooth and good experience!

Land Claim:
We use Grief Prevention
You can only claim land on the Overworld, but you can use /sethome <name> on any world on the server.
Everything that you claim is 100% protected from griefing and stealing!
* Just make sure you claim the whole area of your builds.*
If you fill you have been griefed you can use /inspect this will activate a plugin so that you can click on the location you suspect to see who accessed it last. Don't forget to use /inspect again to toggle it on and off.

Click Here To See All The Commands

Player Shops:

We use QuickShop with auto floating item above the chest. You can have unlimited chests shops.
You can create and design your own shops and sell any item you want. Any place you wish.
To view all player shop warps use/pwarp and a GUI will appear and then click the chest marked as shop warps.
To set a shop warp use /pwarp set <and a name> every players can set up to 5 pwarps at no cost.
We use QuickShop plugin players can buy and sell all from the same chest.
Ingame use /pwarp / Category: Shops

Server Economy:
This economy is strictly based on Ingame money.
There is a Players Minecraft Shop {/PMS} ™ to allow players to sell their access items and a place if all else fails to buy items from.
It also sets a server wide Minimum and Maximum price so that bread does not cost 1 million each and to prevent server inflation.
However this is not a Automatically supplied shop, you will see us on line and mining and farming to resupply the shop.
Nothing will be spawned in to fill the shop.

Fly in Claims:
You can fly around in your own claims if you want to play that way!
Also while on the /resource world you are free to fly around, this will help in gathering resources.

Displays a lot of useful information.
You can turn it off and on by using /sb toggle.

Not Pay To Win:
This server is not play to win as most servers are.
You will never need to spend your real hard earned money on this server to do anything.
Donating to this server gains no achievements or special abilities or any special permissions
the only thing it gains is a suffix name tag as Donator and bragging rights.

Player Warps:
All players get to set up to 5 /pwarps set <name>* : you can use any name that you wish as well as the icons.
You can set your own public warp locations to your favorite places.
it will cost nothing to set a pwarp.

Server Constraints : None at this time, unless the server starts to bog down by lag.
1 - Server is set at 4 spawners per chunk to help control the lag by too many spawners in the same chunk. you can use F3-G to see the chunks ingame.
2 - Hopper limit of 25 per chunk controls server lag. we had one player that had 1000 hoppers running in a loop, it caused my hair to fall out trying to find them.

There is no other server Constraints, all plugins are fully active nothing is left out or turned off. if we over looked something then please use /ticket and let us know.


Every player can use spawners, Buy them, Trade then, Sell them, Collect Them with Silk Tools. And best of all Use them.

Set Homes :
all players get to set up to 15 /sethome <name>*
You can set your own private locations to your favorite places on any worlds.
Or use /pwarp set <name> to set a public access warp location to share with friends.

One of the most important things of what makes this different from most is who runs it.
There are no kids running this server or will be allowed to be a staff member of this server.
No childish games of spying or harassing players.

The owner is experienced in running game servers, He’s a old fart but cares about his players and the server.

Ingame use /contact to get the the owners cell phone number, you can call anytime if there is a server problem.
Lets see another server give this information out – It will never happen.
It will never be said that a player on this server could not get any help from anyone.

Our Goal: Not to compete with mega servers we don't do it as a income but as a hobby. that's why we will never charge for anything on our server.

This server is dedicated to: Our military services, State and local law enforcement officers. and to all those who took the oath of office. may God watch over you and your family’s in these trying times. We have a secured private server away from this server for family members serving our nation or over seas this allows them to connect to loved ones left behind waiting for their loved ones to return home once again. Our server is open to all who still has respect for our country and the people who protect us every night, and stand watch over us every day. it will not show up under tab or any commands or maps neither will any players on that world. for access send IGN names with dd214 copy to all information will be kept confidential.

Server is in the North West USA, fastest ping time in America, There are so many ways to connect:
World Map:

Any questions or comments you can use the Contact Link on the top menu.

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PlayersMinecraft is NOT affiliated with Minecraft and/or Mojang.

** Although we do have a discord it is used primary for voice and video chat, we will use our forums for everything else.
You do not need to register on our website but you may miss out on game server events and server notifications. **