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I played on foxcraft for about 2 months and found somethings that I liked about the server and a lot I disliked about the servers practices.
1 - it worked with out a lot of lag.
2 - been around since 2016, Although its new owners ae 19 years old's and had it for less then two years.

1 - Under aged Admins 16 year old's and less: Nothing worse then finding out that you know more about their server then they do.
2 - Staff: it's a joke most are high on something. total useless.

3 - No Staff online or anyway to contact anyone.

A - The Server: It's a play to win server, you can not do anything unless you pay real money for ranks.
the more you pay the more things you can do, it's not for players who have limited incomes or no playpal account.

B - The Discord:
Has no security allows anyone access even if they are not playing minecraft and never had.
Player harassments is a continuing theme for Foxcraft. from 4 year old's on up. No Moderators on Disaccord

Funny that discord show the status of the server staff and owners, most of the time they are on other server playing other non minecraft games, you would think that they would care about their server, but they believe that their players are to stupid and will continue paying them to play on their server. sadly they are right many do and again many have left including me.
This I found on their forum that helped me decide to leave.

Sep 14, 2021
yeh been saying this for ages STOP THE PAY TO WIN.
The thing is that when you can buy minions you have a big advantage.
I can not afford to pay real money in order to have what is needed to play on this server.

Foxcraft Owner:I understand your point but I do not agree.
I’m sorry you don’t have spare cash to spend. It’s part of it. No income on buycraft = no server plain it’s as simple as that.

Although they have been reported to Mojang it seams that  Mojang is playing favorites when it comes down to enforce it's EULA policy's on, Many servers have been blacked listed for a lot less violations.
Mojang is going to leave Minecraft players with a bad taste for playing the game.

I tried other server and found that since Mojang is no longer enforcing the EULA most server are now doing the same.
That is why as of Sep 27 2021 I decided to reopen Players Minecraft, at lease I can play the game as it was meant to be played fair and with out players needing to spend real money to play the game.