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63 year old fart

December 15th 2021 Server Update.

Bungee server removed due to system errors preventing some player to log on.
Log On IP: or IP:

Updated Paper-spigot to 1.18.1-76

Replace Oneblock with another Oneblock – Now back online, sign at /lobby will teleport you to the Oneblock spawn point. working 100% fully tested.

Rechecked all voting links, all 6 are working now.

/killzone night vision button fixed.

I Will return about 12:01 pm pst.


Dec 14 2021 Updates

Dec 14 2021 Updated Plugins:
EssentialsX-2.19.0 To EssentialsX-2.19.1
EssentialsXChat-2.19.0 To EssentialsXChat-2.19.1
EssentialsXDiscord-2.19.1 To EssentialsXDiscord-2.19.1
EssentialsXSpawn-2.19.0 to EssentialsXSpawn-2.19.1
LibsDisguises – updated but may have errors continue testin.

Still no Update to Crazy Crates v1.10.1

Dynmap is now Online:
New Server Lobby is online.

Some trouble with Oneblock waiting for Plugin Update.

Dec 8 2021 – Server Update

I have updated the server to the latest version of paperspigot 1.18.

/vote shop is up and running, players can now vote and receive 1 point with each vote, the points can be redeemed at /vote shop in exchange for Vouchers of your choice that can be used anytime or stored for a latter use. they do make grate gifts.

Casino: is closed at this time, the owners of the plugin will not update or release the code for others to do the updating to 1.18.
I am trying get another replacement and hope to have the casino open again soon.

If any players who still have vote keys or permissions keys you can exchange them at the /lobby in the Traders cubicle, you can sell them for $1000.00 each and then buy vote points from there if you wish.

Lottery is located on a totem at /lobby. drawing every hour.

/Trade is now repaired and ready to use.

/Disguise of still off line – waiting for plugin update.

Holographic Displays still offline – waiting for plugin update– 12/9/ – Back online

Dynmap still offline – waiting for plugin update.

The vanilla server has been changed to Vanilla+ updated to the extreme biomes.

Server 1.18 seams to be working well so far. will keep working on getting the plugin replacements.

Nothing else to report at this time.

Dec 1 2021 – Staff Change of Ranks

*Staff Change of Ranks, ** For Dec 1 2021
The more that staff member show they care about the server the higher the ranks will be.
The Less they spend time and show less care the lower the ranks will be.
Example: TLD0910 aka:MammaGrizzly was instrumental in getting the server back up and running, while others ignored the trouble that server was in. and went to play on another server. there fore Feisty_Bean and StarEternal was reduced in rank to Helper. MammaGrizzly was promoted to Admin for the hours she spent with me in fixing the server. I will review my staff again in 30 days. **My decision is final.**

Dec 10 2021 – Server Update to 1.18.1

Dec 10 2021 – Server Update to 1.18.1
Still waiting for some our Casino update an some others.
Will continue checking throughout the day.

World Server Map is back up and running:

Found Survival teleport from lobby was not working: now repaired.
I will be checking for any others that was missed on our last check.

Still now word from CrazyCrates plugin builders.



Direct contact with the server owner?
Show me another server that allows players to do that.
You wont find any. ever ask them why?

IGN: mcmgr
IGN: cewallace

Charles E Wallace
1766 Eucalyptus St
Perris, CA 92570 USA.
Owners Email:

1 – If you are ingame use /contact to see my cell phone number
You can use it and call or text me if there is an Server Emergency.

2 – Or use our discord at

3 – Ingame use /sedmail to cewallace >message>

Q: Why do I give out my Cell phone number and contact information?
A: Because I have respect for players on my server. I played on many servers that the owner could care less what goes on. It’s a business to them and nothing less.


Server Constraints

Server Constraints :
1 – Server is set at 4 spawners per chunk to help control the lag by too many spawners in the same chunk. you can use F3-G to see the chunks ingame.
2 – Hopper limit of 25 per chunk controls server lag. we had one player that had 1000 hoppers running in a loop, it caused my hair to fall out trying to find them.
There is no other server Constraints, all plugins are fully active nothing is left out or turned off. if we over looked something then please use /ticket and let us know.

Server Economy

Server Economy:
This economy is strictly based on Ingame money.
There is a Players Minecraft Shop {/PMS} ™ to allow players to sell their access items and a place if all else fails to buy items from.
It also sets a server wide Minimum and Maximum price so that bread does not cost 1 million each and to prevent server inflation.