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Property’s For Sale

1 – Mansion Untouched $ 1,000,000


2 – Jungle Pyramid Untouched $500,000

3 – We have 100 Asteroids for sale in the Euclid Galaxy at justĀ  $25,000,000 Each
You can do as you wish with it. Expand as far and wide as you wish, there are no neighbors. Bring your own blocks.
use /asteroid to see floor model.

Dec 16 2021 – Closed Server For Maintenance

Dec 20 2021 – I had to shut down the server – to many issues with the plugins and players not understanding that 1.18.1 is still full of bugs so there will be glitches and some plugins not working, trying to deal with them and working on the server at the same time was more then this 63 year old fart can handle , now I have the time to fix the plugin issues and only after I have them fixed I will reopen the server to the public.