Dec 8 2021 – Server Update

I have updated the server to the latest version of paperspigot 1.18.

/vote shop is up and running, players can now vote and receive 1 point with each vote, the points can be redeemed at /vote shop in exchange for Vouchers of your choice that can be used anytime or stored for a latter use. they do make grate gifts.

Casino: is closed at this time, the owners of the plugin will not update or release the code for others to do the updating to 1.18.
I am trying get another replacement and hope to have the casino open again soon.

If any players who still have vote keys or permissions keys you can exchange them at the /lobby in the Traders cubicle, you can sell them for $1000.00 each and then buy vote points from there if you wish.

Lottery is located on a totem at /lobby. drawing every hour.

/Trade is now repaired and ready to use.

/Disguise of still off line – waiting for plugin update.

Holographic Displays still offline – waiting for plugin update– 12/9/ – Back online

Dynmap still offline – waiting for plugin update.

The vanilla server has been changed to Vanilla+ updated to the extreme biomes.

Server 1.18 seams to be working well so far. will keep working on getting the plugin replacements.

Nothing else to report at this time.

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