What makes us different then most Minecraft Servers?

What makes us different then most Minecraft Servers?

Just a Quick Overview:

Truly Not a pay-to-win server :There is no real money shops on our server you will never be asked to pay for anything.
You can remain on the server while AFK without being kicked. and Yes afk fishing is also allowed.
Difficulty : Normal
World border is :100,000 X 100,000 Expandable.
Griefing : Is ALLOWED – If you protect it you will not lose it.
Keep inventory : Active. – You get to keep your stuff if you get killed.
Mob Grinders : IS ALLOWED.
Spawners : IS ALLOWED.
Nether border is : 15k by 15k
Phantoms : Are very active .
Player Permissions : nothing to buy, just a click away  at /vote shop: /fly /jump /repair /heal and many more.
PvP : Is enabled throughout the server. Players have their own control.
Casino slots : use/pwarp casino

** Unlike most servers we  are 100% in compliance with Mojang. **

1 – Adult Server owned by a Old Fossil
2 – Freedom to do and say what you wish.
3 – It’s a Economy based server – We use the ChestShop plugin. You can have unlimited chests shops.
4 – No AFK kick timer, you will never be logged off the server.
5 – We don’t ban players for making simple mistakes but we will jail a player at spawn if the same mistakes continues.
6 – We don’t follow any political correctness and we don’t expect any players to refrain from chatting in a freely manor. In other words we will not prevent a player from expressing their self.
7 – We don’t bombard the chat area with useless information, like reminders to vote, etc.. this keeps your screen clear for fighting mobs and building.
8 – Players can set their own warps with /pwarp set <name> – They can use any name they wish.

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